Welcome to Sarasola Zahar, "A place you will never forget"

At Sarasola Zahar you can take a break from your busy life and breathe nature and tranquility.

Stay in a typical village in rural Gipuzkoa and learn about our daily life, become a “Baserritarra”.

Our house is ideal for families to enjoy their vacations without any worries. Our aim is to make you feel at home.

Our aim is to make you feel at home.

You can also bring along your dog (please consult us beforehand), as we are members of the “Dog Friendly” project.



Sarasola Zahar from a bird's eye view!

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Activities and Services

Our offer of activities and services is aimed to make your stay in Sarasola Zahar a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the life of the village and become a “Baserritarra”

We will try to make you feel at home.

Opinions of our guests


Close to everywhere; Coast, mountains, urban areas, museums…

The nearby environment of Sarasola Zahar offers a great variety of destinations to discover during your stay. Despite being located outside the urban nucleus, Sarasola Zahar is relatively “close to everywhere”.

We recommend the most interesting places and activities. so you can get to know our region.

Below are some “Hotspots” on which you should not miss out on.


Beautiful beaches

If you like the sea and the coast, the options of where to go from Sarasola Zahar are numerous. Some beaches are primarily family orientated while others are mostly frequented by people who want to practice water sports like surfing.See more

Immense nature

A few minutes from Sarasola Zahar, there are numerous natural sites, unique in the world. The most famous one may be « Geoparque » a natural parc where you can observe fascinating geological formations of Flysch present at the Basque coast in Zumaia.See more

Culture in abundance

Gipuzkoa, specifically the Urola Valley, offers many cultural spaces, reflecting the great activity developed in the past and the entrepreneurial character of the people of the valley.See more

Exquisite gastronomy

Known worldwide, by exploring Basque gastronomy, you can experience an endless number of flavors and sensations that will make you connect with the true essence of the region.See more

Outdoor sport

The surrounding area offers a lot of different options for outdoor sports. Water-, as well as mountain sports, can be practiced in a captivating environment. A paradise for adventure lovers!See more