Delicious breakfast!

How about starting your day with a delicious breakfast?

We offer tasty breakfasts, serving you homemade products from our farm according to the season.

Start your day full of energy and vitality!

Our breakfasts are mainly made up of farm products, among others, those provided by the domestic animals of Sarasola Zahar, such as chicken eggs.

Enjoy a simple, healthy and delicious meal, which will replenish you with energy and vitality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you desire a specially personalized breakfast.

Continental breakfast: : Coffee, tea, milk, cocoa with toast, butter and homemade jam.

Homemade breakfast: Coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, fried egg, ham, tomato and bread.

Healthy breakfast: Oat milk, tea or coffee with rolled oats, whole wheat bread with butter and jam.