Enjoy the gastronomy!

In Gipuzkoa as a whole and in the Urola Costa region in particular, gastronomy can’t go unnoticed.

“Sidrerias”, cider houses are well known and appreciated by visitors and locals alike. Gipuzkoa produces a high amount of cider and there are numerous cider houses throughout the province. Although there are some that open throughout the year, the classic cider house generally opens from midwinter to early spring. The main dish you can eat at a “Sidreria” is the “chuleton”, ribeye steak, but you could also try “bacalao”, cod, served as an omelete or fried with peppers. And of course you’ll enjoy some cider on the side, Txotx!

We would also suggest you to try the local fish restaurants “Asadores”, which you can find in the coastal region. There many places where you can taste exquisite grilled fish, while enjoying the Cantabrian Sea as a backdrop.

And, of course, we mustn’t forget the “pintxos”. Small snacks made from quality ingredients, which you will find in almost all of the local bars. . They perfectly lend themselves to be accompanied by a glass of “txakoli”, a local variety of sparkling white wine.

In conclusion, the gastronomic offer available in the surroundings of Sarasola Zahar is excellent.