With the passage of time and the change of the way of life, the activity of Sarasola Zahar, has transformed over the years. Like many other farms of the region, it has evolved, transforming into a rural guesthouse, a place of accommodation and recreation, without ever neglecting its roots and origins.

This is why Sarasola Zahar offers its clients the possibility of taking part in the typical activities of the farmhouse, such as feeding the animals, tidying up their stables or simply enjoying their pleasant company. Our guests will find gallinas, caballo, perros y gato.chickens, horses, dogs and cats on our farm. Horses, cows, goats and sheep can also be seen along the sides of the access road.

Ecological garden

At Sarasola Zahar we are fascinated by nature and for that reason we’d like to share the benefits of home growing fruits and vegetables with our clients.

Gardening at our farm takes place in a privileged environment, near Zarautz and Zumaia, surrounded by mountains, fields and views over the sea. It’s an activity which not only allows us to enjoy the fruits of the earth, but also fills us with peace and tranquility.

Among other things, gardening allows to develop an approach to the food we consume, accompanying plants during their growth and understanding the entire process from planting to harvesting.

Taking part in gardening on our farm is an ideal activity for those who are interested in starting to grow their own fruits and vegetables and wish to create a small garden on their balcony but lack practical experience. You can acquire the know-how you need, in order to cultivate at home.

You will see that soon, you will be harvesting the first tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, lettuce, eggplants… on the terrace or balcony of your house. How delicious!

  • Activity duration:1 hour.

  • Price: € 5 per person.