Welcome message

Ana Mugica – Owner of Sarasola Zahar – Rural Guest House

Welcome everybody!

It’s been more than 30 years since we opened the doors of our farmhouse to travelers. They mostly come from urban centers in Spain and abroad, have shown us what their lives are like, and shared their concerns with us They have told us how necessary it was for them to reconnect with their loved ones in an environment surrounded by nature and tranquility, to be able to resume the conversations, the encounters that, due to the current day-to-day bustle and distance, had been postponed.

In our house many families have laughed while they cooked together, made beach plans, discovered or rediscovered landscapes, caught up with what happened in the distance and had time to play with their children.

It has also been a beautiful and enriching experience for my own family. My children have made good friends with our guest’s children when they were little and with some of them they still keep in touch. On the other hand, this entire trajectory in the world of tourism has made me a better person and it has shown me how my own concerns are similar to those of the travelers who come to Sarasola Zahar, despite living in very different environments.

While I thank you all, who have enjoyed this beautiful place, my arms are open to welcome the people who are still to come.